Green Print Button

Printing is always one click away. It's easy to forget how much wasting paper is harmful to the environment.

Reboot the Print button

The new Print Button

Let's reboot the design of the Print Button to remind users about the avoidable waste of paper, and tell them about alternatives.

The new print button leaves the printer icon and its grayish colors behind, to the benefit of organic & inspirational icons.

code + more print buttons

Get the source code on CodePen

The all-green

Common sizes with a subtle hover highlight.

The engaging & instructional

Because every time you print a document, a tree dies.
Ok not every time.

Print emails

Wait! You're one click away...

Can you avoid printing on paper?

Or, could you print on recycled paper?

And can you consider printing on both sides?

Thank you!

The ones with a hidden message

There's a thin line between clever and passive-agressive, but funny is often a win.

Grab the source & make your own

Thanks to Webalys, you can use* the following icons from the Streamline icons collection.

Get the source code on CodePen